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Mayor Jim Wood (Retired OPD)


Oceanside Police Criminal Misconduct & Conspiracy,
 With Mayor Jim Wood, To Assault And Kidnap Citizens


Complaint Date 3-2-10
To: Oceanside Police Department
Criminal Complaint # 10003712

Sgt. Marco Mendoza
Officer David Paul
Officer Laura Flynn
Mayor Jim Wood (OPD Retired)

Cc: Hugo Anderson Law Office
       San Diego County District Attorney
       San Diego County Attorney General Office
       The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Oceanside Police Criminal Misconduct and Conspiracy With Mayor Jim Wood To Assault and Kidnap Citizens In Retaliation For Public Complaints Of Criminal Corruption in the Oceanside Police Department and the Oceanside City Council.
Supporting Facts & Video Documentation:
 Live Video Feed of City Council Meeting by KOCE TV Public Broadcasting.

State Laws, regarding citizen presentations to the council are intentionally manipulated by Mayor Jim Wood to justify ordering criminal assaults, and to retaliate against citizens that complain about Oceanside Police and City Council criminal corruption.
Mayor Jim Wood, with the knowledge of the above Oceanside Police Officers, openly, and intentionally discriminated on speaking time limits, to set up justification for ordering police to illegally remove me from the council chamber when I questioned the time limit discrimination. 
The only citizens subjected to theses assaults is myself, and one other citizens named Rich Shapiro, that publicly complain, in city council meetings about criminal corruption of the Police Dept., Mayor Jim Wood, and the City Council.
 Statement of Observations Leading To Police Assault and Kidnapping:
I arrived at the city council chamber shortly after 5:00pm on Wednesday, February 24, 2010.  The obvious stares of three police officers indicated a visual recognition, when I entered the council chamber.  The officers took up position directly behind where I initially sat in the rear northwest corner of the chamber.   Within minutes it became obvious to me that I was under Oceanside Police surveillance.  The police sergeant (Mendoza), and two patrol officers, later identified by internal affairs, as Officer Laura Flynn and Officer David Paul displayed an unusual interest in my movements about the council chamber during the meeting.  I even moved several times, to determine if their visual interest would follow me, or the meeting. At one of the meeting breaks I moved to the far southwest corner of the council chamber so that I would not be anywhere between the officers location and the council meeting activities, as a final check of the police surveillance.  At least one of the officers was always watching me.
I even made contact with the North County Times reporter, Ray Huard, to give him a heads up that I believed Mayor Wood was up to something.  I advised Huard that the Mayor was once again manipulating the council meeting agenda sequence to push the public communications to the end of the meeting.  This was a tactic that Mayor Wood had used in past meetings, to retaliate against citizens, that he knew were present to complaint about police and council corruption.  These issues are documented on video tape in complaints in earlier meetings.
I do not know if Mayor Wood communicated directly with Sgt Mendoza, or if Mayor Wood had one of the city staff do that for him.  I do not know if Sgt Mendoza, as the senior officer, was the only police officer fully involved in the conspiracy, or if the other junior officers were present during the planning.  However, I do know that all of the officers were present through the meeting, and they all knew that the enforcement of speaker time limits was a biased fraud being manipulated by Mayor Wood.
If the police surveillance of me was intended to be covert, then additional training is recommended.  If the police surveillance was intended to be obvious, as a means of intimidation and coercion, then the Oceanside Police Department should accept the concept that any and all police criminal misconduct is unacceptable to me.  Past threats and coercion will not scare me into silence.
Sergeant Mendoze, Officer Paul, and Officer Flynn were present in the council chamber, throughout the three (3+) hour plus meeting, and all public comment portions of the council meeting.  The Officers observed all speakers and the responses of Mayor Jim Wood to each of those public speaker presentations.  The Officers observed the following:

My presentation (viewable on public broadcast video tape) before the city council was to complain about Mayor Wood ordering the criminal assault on a citizen, Rich Shapiro, during the January 6, 2010 council meeting.  Mr. Shapiro used the words “god damned” to describe the council’s conduct.  Mayor Wood used a citizen’s protected speech under the constitution and the Brown Act, as justification to order police to criminally assault and illegally remove a citizen from the council chamber.  This was done by Mayor Wood to retaliate against the man for complaining about police and council corruption.  In case anyone has not noticed, preachers and ministers all over this country use the words “god damn” in sermons on a weekly basis.  I have even had Oceanside Police officers use those words, among others, to describe their displeasure with me.
I went on to question Mayor Wood on the Officer Damon Smith Evidence Tampering Cover Up.  I questioned Mayor Wood about Officer Damon Smith’s statements, in front of witnesses, that his evidence tampering was “common knowledge” among the Oceanside Police Officers he worked with for eight (8) years.  Since Mayor Wood’s police career overlapped with Officer Smith’s in 2001 and 2002, I wanted to know if Mayor Wood was one of the officers that Officer Smith was talking about as being knowledgeable about the evidence tampering. I wanted to know if that was part of the reasons why he was helping block a criminal investigation of the Oceanside Police Department.
Previous complaints about Mayor’s Woods corruption, in connection to the Oceanside Police Department corruption, and the assault ordered on Mr. Shapiro, had clearly demonstrated that Mayor Wood had a very short temper and a vindictive disposition in dealing with people that challenged his authority.  If my suspicions were accurate, that the police surveillance of me was arranged by Mayor Wood, he would look for any small opportunity to justify ordering a police assault on me, and that is exactly what Mayor Wood did.
At the end of my three minute presentation, Mayor Wood immediately demanded that I stop and leave the podium.  This had not occurred on any other presentations that evening, and all three OPD Officers knew this.  A simple question to Mayor Wood on why he was discriminating on allowable time for speakers resulted in an immediate activation of the conspiracy plan, and an order for the Oceanside Police to remove me from the council chamber.
The microphone to the speaker’s podium was immediately turned off, to cover up the activities of the police officers.  Officer Flynn stated that I had to go with them immediately.  I asked several times if I was under arrest and what the charges were.  Officer Flynn stated that I was not under arrest, but that I must go with them or I would be arrested.  Officer Flynn would not say for what.
I was sandwiched in between Officer Flynn and Officer Paul, shoulder to shoulder and forced to leave the council chamber, against my will, with Sgt. Mendoza leading the way.  Outside the chamber Sgt. Mendoza issued orders to Officer Flynn & Officer Paul to station themselves at the council chamber doors, and not allow me to re-enter the council chambers.  I advised Sgt Mendoza that his conduct was illegal and that I wanted to file a criminal complaint.  Sgt. Mendoza refused to accept any kind of complaint from me, and stated that if I wanted to file a complaint I could drive down to the PD and talk to a desk officer.  Just another example of Oceanside Police Officers ignoring departmental policies and procedures to cover up criminal conduct by police officers.
City Attorney Mullen arrived from the council chamber just as Sgt. Mendoza was refusing to accept a complaint.  Mr. Mullen was visibly distressed, and immediately began to tell me that I was not required to leave the council chamber and that I was free to go back inside for the remainder of the meeting.  Mr. Mullen was visibly surprised when I advised him, in the presence of Sgt. Mendoza, that Sgt. Mendoza had already issued orders to Officer Flynn and Officer Paul to keep me out of the council chambers.  City Attorney Mullen clearly recognized the illegal nature of the police assault and was actively trying to mitigate civil liability.
Sgt Mendoza, Officer Paul, and Officer Flynn became involved in a criminal conspiracy with Mayor Jim Wood to assault citizens in retaliation for complaints about Mayor Wood’s criminal conduct and that of the Oceanside Police Department.  All three officers were clearly on notice, from their own observations during the council meeting, that:

Signed police misconduct forms for Sgt. Mendoza, and Officers Paul and Flynn are attached to this criminal complaint.


Woodrow L. Higdon
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